Welcome to C122

I’ll begin here.

Welcome to your online classroom for Digital Media 11 and 12.

I have attached digital versions (PDFs) of the course syllabus.  You can find the syllabus for Digital Media here.  I teach two blocks of Digital Media 11/12 this semester – A and C blocks; I am also advising the Yearbook club as well.

Here I’ll be posting daily and weekly assignments, interesting links, clips and articles and inviting all students to participate in online journalling and discussions as an extention of classroom activities.  Sound like a lot?  It is, and it isn’t.

These classes are designed to teach and have you critically think about the digital world around you, be it on television, radio, online, print or other.  In addition to looking at media, you’ll be exploring programs that allow you to express yourself through digital artistic means using digital photography, film, web presence and printwork.

I’m looking forward to teaching you this semester.  It’s going to be awesome-sauce.