Cut and paste remixing

In the sake of learning Photoshop basics, this is an assignment that you may have done before.  If that’s the case, your assignment should be super-awesome.


Collage reached the modern art world during the early 20th century during a movement called Dada.  Yep, Dada.  It flourished in Switzerland and Germany and throughout Europe from 1916 to 1923.  It was a cultural response to consumerism, colonialism as well as intectual and artistic conformity.  They were artistically “sticking it to the man”.  An example:

Hannah Hoch, Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany, 1919

So, you won’t be sticking it to the man with your collage, but you will be creating a collage that shows all the influences in your life – family, friends, music, culture, art, design, anything that influences you.  You can find these images online (beware of image size – they should be at least 500 px wide), and save them to your documents, or copy and paste them directly to your canvas (make sure that you are using layers).

I will show you in class how to put your collage together – but if you missed it or need some additional help, try this video from eHow on YouTube.

Here’s an awesome example of a digital collage from one of my fave media artists, Julien Pacaud.


Create a collage that represents your influences in life.  Your collage should include:

  • A minimum of 10 images (no text or logos)
  • “Cut and paste” use of magnetic lasso, removal of “white space”
  • Basic use of levels
  • Basic use of layers

Your assignment should be presented in 300dpi, canvas size of 8″x8″, and in PSD and JPEG format.  When finished, it should be entitled: collage_yourname.jpg and saved in your documents folder.  I will come by to look at your file and then you will print off your finished work.