Layer Stylin’

So, the last of the Photoshop basics tutorials: Layer Styles.  Layer Styles come in handy for a lot of things, and in this tutorial, text is the main event.

1. Start by creating a new canvas – 8 in. by 10 in. at 300 dpi.  Title your canvas “Layer Styles”.  Drag some ruler guides onto your canvas to assist in keeping everything straight.

2. Using the text tool, write any word that you choose.  I think nifty is a nifty word, so that’s what you get.

2. Now, copy that word into the other 11 spaces on your canvas (you should have a total of 12 words).  I like to utilize the layers option to copy instead of retyping the word 11 times.  Right-click on the layer and select Duplicate Layer… then using the Move Tool, slide it into position.  Do this until your canvas is covered with your text.

3. Now label your first (plain) text as “original.

 4.  Now you will go ahead and change each layer (after the original one) to a layer style (or combination of layer styles).  Double-click on the layer to get the Layer Style menu like below.  Be sure to click on the layer (change the box to BLUE) when changing, not just “checking” the box.

5.  Change each layer to a layer style (or combination of styles).  Label each.

6. Continue until all 11 layers are changed and labelled.

7. Save your assignment in both Photoshop (PSD) and JPEG formats.  It should look like this:


Create an 8×10 (300 dpi) image that showcases your abilities using layer styles.  Save both a PSD and JPEG of your image.  Due Feb 14.