Make a Manifesto

A manifesto is a public declaration of one’s intentions. Want to prescribe how to live better? Be a better person? Change the world? Write a manifesto.

Your manifesto should contain at least ten points. Now, you can select anything you would like to write about – a kitchen manifesto (how to be a better cook, or how to not poison your family, etc.), or an exercise manifesto (how to exercise effectively without breaking a sweat, etc.). Anything you want. Just make it work.

List your ten (or more) points in a list form. I like to start this in Word so that I can copy and paste the text into sections of my manifesto.

So, my manifesto (for general living) would go something like this:

1. When the tough get going, go with them.
2. Do more of what you love.
3. Life is short; stop wasting time on the internet.
4. Be thankful every day.
5. Be fearful of mediocraty.
6. Work hard.
7. Smile often.
8. Don’t be afraid to fail.
9. No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.
10. Think before speaking.
11. Be nice to people.
12. Try.

Now, with your own ten (plus) points, you are going to create a text-baseed image in Photoshop that is interesting to look at. Think about the principles and elements of art and design – repetition, balance, shape, texture… anything that will help you to better design the poster.

You aren’t limited to using the same typeface for the whole project (although, for some this is a good option) and you aren’t limited to one plane (some text can be horizontal, some can be vertical).

More about writing manifestos… here.


Your poster should be 8 x 10 inches at 300 dpi.
Your poster should include your ten (or more) manifesto points.
Your poster needs to have the entire canvas covered by text. You might need to get creative with your placement.
Your poster needs to include a background colour/image/texture.

Due February 21.