Movie Quote Mash-up

Okay, so here we go with another tutorial. This time – looking for inspiration through a movie (or book, or whatever) quote, character, and then finding typography that fits both the mood, theme and style of the quote (and the film) chosen. Whew. Let’s get started.

1. Make a new canvas in Photoshop: 8 in x 10 in with 300 dpi.

2. After researching for your quote, type it in PS using the Type tool.

3. Adjust your typeface settings with the Character palette, found on the lefthand side of your screen, or by selecting Window > Character.

4. Play with the typefaces to find one that suits your theme and movie…

5. And once you have selected your typeface, adjust your font size, line spacing and kerning until it’s pleasing to your eye.

6. Now, Google Search for an image (medium or large) of your character.  Pick one that relates to the quote that you have chosen.  Copy it and paste it onto your Photoshop canvas.

7. Free transform it to resize (Ctrl + T).

8. Using the selection tool, you can select the character and work at removing the background.  Using the MASK tool (below the colours palette), you can fine-tune your selection with the black and white brushes.

9. Now unselect the MASK tool (by hitting the same button below the colours palette), and invert your selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).

10. Hit backspace to clear your selection, removing the background.

11.  Take your character into the Filters menu, and find a way to posterize them to make it more graphical.

12.  Resize your text to fit.

13.  Now, Google search in Images for a texture for your background.  Copy and paste it into Photoshop.

14. Resize it to fit, and drag the layer behind your character and text.

15. Now, find ANOTHER texture, and repeat steps 13 & 14. Adjust the opacity and layers styles until your happy.

16. Now, fine tune your character and text.  Adjust colour, texture and add a drop shadow if needed.

17. Now, you have to add TWO graphical elements. I’m going to add a blunt rectangle to ground my character.

18. Adjust the colour and layer style to suit. I sampled the colour for the rectangle from Dorothy’s hair.

19. For my second element, I’m going to use stars (I have a brush collection already on my computer). Make a new layer (Layer > New Layer), and stamp your brushes here. Adjust the colours to suit. You can free transform (Ctrl + T) and move them around.

20. Drag your stamp layer beneath your text and character.

21. Add the title and year of your movie (or TV series), and you’re done. YAY!

Due Friday, February 24.