Research: Contemporary Artists

Like I’ve said before, art is not created in a vacuum.  That is, we all live with influences around us, and being in a Digital Media class, I want you to start exploring the work of other media artists today – contemporaries.


  1. You will need to find an artist that is current – still producing work right now.
  2. It should be someone whose work you admire, or would want to remix!
  3. Your artist should work in media: digital photography, flash, social media, etc.  Not music / music videos.
  4. You need to show at least three works of art by the artist (2D, 3D, stills or video).
  5. You will need to write a review and bio of the artist that is at least 300 words.
  6. You will present your artist and their work to the class, and be able to say why you like their work and why you chose this artist!
  7. You will print out your assignment and images and hand it to me!
This assignment is due Tuesday, March 6; presentations will start on Tuesday as well!