Photography: Portraits

Taking photographs of people can either be the most exciting or most daunting thing you can do with a camera, depending on your preferences.  Either way, there are some basic rules and ideas that will help you to take better photographs of people.

1. Don’t be afraid to get close.  Image via

2. Mushots are fine, but don’t say a lot about the person you are photographing.  Image via

3. Think about composition.  Sometimes something unconventional really stands out.  Image via

4. Find flattering light.  Image via

5. Change your point-of-view.  Image via

Part of class will see me take you out and around the school taking pictures and showing you how to make the most out of the light that is available to us: natural and artificial. we will have a quick editing lesson in Photoshop to show you how to maximize your photos potential.


Take the best portrait you can – keeping in mind focus, background, composition and lighting.  This image is due (and we will critique as a class) on Wednesday, April 11.