Photography: Self-Portrait

This time, we’re turning the camera on YOU.  Taking a self-portrait can be difficult: not only technically, but creatively, as well.  The days of seeming creative by shooting your own reflection in a mirror are over.  Duck faces need not apply.

We all know what makes an unsuccessful self-portrait, but what makes for a successful one?  I always think that self-portraits that give the viewer a keen insight as to who you are or “what makes you tick” are lovely, as are well-exposed, well lit, creatively composed ones.

You have all that practice.  Let’s take a look at some portraits now, shall we?  All images are borrowed from

Inspired?  Good.

ASSIGNMENT: Create your own self-portrait using Photography.  You can do basic edits in Photoshop to increase contrast, sharpness, saturation and cropping.  Due Friday, April 20.