Panoramas, Three Ways: Part 1

Your first panorama will be an exercise in perfection – you will take a minimum of 5 images and stitch them together to look seamless.

Start by setting up your shot – you will stand in one location and take all the shots from the same place (don’t move your feet!).

You should have 5-7 images (portrait orientation). Open them all in Photoshop, and make a canvas that is 5X the width of a single image (if your image is 1500 px wide, then 1500 X 5 = 7500 px). Drag your images to your new canvas. If your images are larger than 2000 px wide, RESIZE your images to be smaller (Image > Image Size).  Using too large images will crash Photoshop and you may lose all your work.  It should look something like this:

Now, you are going to work at smoothing out the trasitions and or overlapping and erasing duplicate information. Notice the obvious transitions between the images? We need to get rid of that.

Using a variety of tools that you have learned about in Photoshop (healing brush, clone stamp, eraser tool, dodging and burning, layers, etc.) make the image as seamless as possible.

Your all done! YAY!

Assignment due Friday, May 18.