Multiple Exposure Images

Multiple Exposure Images

So, now we can start to take what we’ve learned from our Photography-only unit, and put it back into Photoshop.  On Friday, we learned about multiple exposures and how they were originally created (with film, by not advancing the frame in camera).  Now, we can use the magic of technology, nay, Photoshop, to achieve these … Continue reading

Photography & Photoshop: Multiplicity

Okay friends, here we go with an assignment that utilizes both photography AND photoshop – making the best of the skills learned in both mediums.  The purpose of this assignment is to practice location shooting (looking for good composition and lighting), as well as basic editing in Photoshop (layers, erasing, selections, etc.). Some examples of … Continue reading

Photography: Self-Portrait

This time, we’re turning the camera on YOU.  Taking a self-portrait can be difficult: not only technically, but creatively, as well.  The days of seeming creative by shooting your own reflection in a mirror are over.  Duck faces need not apply. We all know what makes an unsuccessful self-portrait, but what makes for a successful … Continue reading

Photography: Multiple Image Challenge

So, for next week, your multiple image challenge is the following: One image of each: Black & White Symmetry Colour Emotion Photobomb (fun) Good examples: ASSIGNMENT: Complete and print all five images for critique on Wednesday, April 18th.

Photography: Point-of-View

Now, I want you to focus on your point-of-view.  As beginner photographers, it’s hard to not be in the trap of: stand, hold the camera to your face, and take an image.  Rather, I want you to learn how your viewpoint is changed when you move. Think about how other things in the world, see … Continue reading

Photography: Portraits

Taking photographs of people can either be the most exciting or most daunting thing you can do with a camera, depending on your preferences.  Either way, there are some basic rules and ideas that will help you to take better photographs of people. 1. Don’t be afraid to get close.  Image via 2. Mushots … Continue reading

Research: Contemporary Artists

Like I’ve said before, art is not created in a vacuum.  That is, we all live with influences around us, and being in a Digital Media class, I want you to start exploring the work of other media artists today – contemporaries. Details? You will need to find an artist that is current – still … Continue reading

Image and Text Hybrid | Part 2

Okay, so this is inspired by our lovely artificial turf field.  I was up watching the soccer game, not that long ago and was thinking about how cool it would be to have letters made out of turf.  That, and some sweet advertisements I’ve been seeing around.  Either way, this is a way to mash-up … Continue reading